Montanans to Ryan Zinke: We Don't Trust You

Montanans to Ryan Zinke: We Don't Trust You

Folks from across Montana sound of on Zinke's special interest agenda, ethical lapses

(Helena, MT) -Folks across Montana have been writing letters to the editor saying one thing—they don’t trust former Super PAC chairman Ryan Zinke.

Whether it is his questionable ethics, his lack of political courage, or the out-of-state special interests bankrolling his campaign, Montana voters have spoke loud and clear that they don’t want Ryan Zinke in the US House.
“The people of Montana have taken notice that Ryan Zinke does not represent their best interests.  He represents out-of-state special interest groups and anyone else he feels could be politically advantageous to him.  No wonder Mr. Zinke does not want to debate, Montanans have realized who he represents and they aren’t happy about it,” said Bryan Watt, a Montana Democratic Party spokesperson.

What Montanans Are Saying About Ryan Zinke: 
  • "Be careful of how you vote in this race. There are powerful interests with an agenda that will destroy the public trust and make wildlife and stream access a commodity for sale to the highest bidder. Zinke is one of them. If you ain't wealthy, Zinke is no friend of yours." --John Gibson, Billings Gazette 9/7/2014
  • “Ryan Zinke's pattern of behavior is so troubling that three former Montana GOP chairmen warned against him, citing "obvious ethical questions" resulting in multiple legal complaints. Unfortunately, Zinke seems unable to offer any reassurance to voters on these issues as he refuses to engage John Lewis in a debate. The fact that 72 percent of Zinke's campaign funds come from outside Montana might explain why he isn't interested in engaging Montanans in conversation. John Lewis, on the other hand, has received 71 percent of his funds from folks in Montana. We cannot afford to elect a representative who lacks courage, has questionable values and is beholden to out-of-state interests.” --Kristin Taylor, Bozeman Daily Chronicle 9/18/2014
  • "Zinke has waffled and/or flip-flopped on several issues such as: pro-choice/pro-life, renewable energy and climate change. He is quiet on the issue of public lands; silent on the Voting Rights Act; fighting against same-day voting registration; and against expanded Medicaid for Montanans – even though it would create Montana jobs (a Republican rally cry)." --C. Burt Caldwell, Missoulian 9/8/2014
  • "Recently Mr. Zinke treated us to communications with sufficient elisions that we might be lead to believe he participated in the killing of Bin Laden when in fact he did not. I must conclude all of his communications will of a similar misleading nature. If elected he will fit in well with an incompetent, impotent congress that seems to believe spinning whoppers is more useful than dealing with the country’s problems." -- Nicholas Hether Bozeman Daily Chronicle 9/8/2014
  • "Zinke’s suggestion that we consider drilling in the North Fork watershed for the sake of “energy independence” is both illogical and a betrayal of the public lands that Montanans treasure and our economy depends on." -- Brenda Davis, Bozeman Daily Chronicle 9/9/2014

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