Montanans to Congressman Daines: TELL THE TRUTH

Montanans demand answers on Daines self-serving agenda, misleading campaign ads

(Helena, MT) – Montanans are speaking out against Congressman Steve Daines and his attempt to mislead voters about his hurtful record. 

Daines is making misleading campaign claims 

“It's a sad case when Daines uses deceit to try to gain votes for the U.S. Senate from a constituency he must think is easily fooled.” - Brian Roat, Red Lodge

False claim made in Daines' anti-Obamacare ad

“After viewing this ad I felt compelled to write to voice my surprise at so ridiculous and blatant a lie.” - Michael Wippert of Billings

U.S. Senate primary: Daines inconsistent on choice

“Daines talks about the “freedom to choose” when it comes to health care, but apparently that doesn’t apply to the women whose votes he’s asking for. Daines is bad for women and families; Daines is bad for Montana.” - Paige Cohn, Missoula

Daines' position would deny women access to contraceptives

“We need leaders who will defend a woman's freedom to make decisions about her reproductive health without government intrusion and who will protect women's access to basic health care — including birth control.” - Stacey Anderson, Helena

Daines didn’t do enough for North Fork legislation 

“He has said he wants to work with the rest of the Montana congressional delegation, and here was his chance and he totally blew it and showed he was unfit to be either Montana’s congressman or certainly in no way does he deserve to be our U.S. senator. In my opinion, Steve Daines only cares about himself, not Montana or Montana people.” - Larry Norstedt, Kalispell

Daines also struggled to answer basic questions about his record in recent interviews with reporters across the state. A recent profile in Lee Newspapers reveals limited ideas and failure to specify what exactly he’d do in government.  

“Yet while Daines is crystal-clear on his less-government, pro-business stance, he’s sometimes less forthcoming about how that stance translates to specific policies.”

- Billings Gazette

Daines was also asked about his record of supporting a plan that would hurt veterans while giving himself a tax break. As reported in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle:

“In January, Daines was among the 64 Republicans in the House to vote against the Omnibus Appropriations Bill, which included $20 million earmarked for suicide prevention outreach and $125 million for traumatic brain injury research.”

Daines then stumbled through an interview with Montana Public Radio, where he was unable  to answer questions about his “misleading” ad touting his controversial land grab bill. In that same interview, Daines defended the unpopular Citizens United and McCutcheon Supreme Court decisions, doubled down on his support for tax breaks for millionaires, and called privatizing Medicare “balanced.”

“Montanans know Congressman Daines speaks out of both sides of his mouth and pushes a self-serving agenda back in Washington. Congressman Daines wants to privatize Medicare, gut Pell grants for low-income students, eliminate hunger programs for hungry seniors, children and veterans, and raise taxes on the middle class while giving himself a tax break. That’s the wrong agenda for Montana, and Montanans know it,” said Bryan Watt, spokesperson for the Montana Democratic Party. 

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