Montana Women to Congressman Daines: “Support Women, Not Corporations”

Daines Supports Corporations that Deny Women Access to Healthcare

(Helena, MT) –Women across Montana are sending a loud and clear message to Congressman Steve Daines: “support women, not corporations.”

Daines sided with corporate special interests as he threw his support behind the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision that allows corporations to deny women birth control.

"When Montana women make their own healthcare decisions, they do so with their family, their doctor and their faith, not politicians or their bosses.  Congressman Daines believes that corporations, not Montana women, should insert themselves in these private medical decisions. It's time for Congressman Daines to stop pushing his corporate special interest agenda and do right by Montana women and families," said Nancy Keenan, former president of NARAL Pro-Choice America.

"It's no surprise Congressman Daines put corporations ahead of Montana women. If Congressman Daines had his way, he would take away my right to make my own health care decisions. Our Congressman needs to remember who elected him in the first place and get back to fighting for the rights of Montanans and not millionaires like himself,” said Mary Sexton of Choteau. 

"My healthcare decisions should be my own to make - not my boss', not the Supreme Court's, and certainly not Steve Daines'. It's clear Congressman Daines would rather pander to the decisions of corporate executives than stand up for the fundamental freedoms of Montana women,” said Marissa Perry of Helena. 

"Congressman Daines continues to ignore the needs of Montana women. He supports legislation that would deny our rights to basic health care - even going as far as to outlaw common forms of birth control,” said Julie Quenemoem of Bozeman. “We deserve better than a Congressman who puts millionaires and corporations before those he claims to represent.”

This is not the first time Daines has put special interests and corporations ahead of Montana women. With just one term in Congress, Daines has made repeated attempts to take away a women’s right to make her own healthcare decisions, outlaw common forms of birth control, eliminate prevention efforts and authorize the IRS to audit victims of rape.

  1. Daines sponsored a bill  that could outlaw many common forms of birth control.
  2. Daines sponsored a “personhood” bill that would make abortion illegal for victims of sexual assault.
  3. Daines voted to allow insurance companies to continue charging women higher insurance premiums than men.
  4. Daines voted against funding domestic violence and sexual assault prevention programs.
  5. Daines sponsored a bill that would allow the IRS to audit rape victims.


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