Montana Taxpayers to GOP: You're Welcome

Montanans have two words for Republican members of the Montana House of Representatives, who this week gave themselves pay raises and new laptops, and increased their taxpayer-funded health insurance plans: You're welcome.

"After campaigning against government spending and taxpayer-funded health care, House Republicans either forgot what they stood for, or they hoped the Montanans they represent weren't paying attention," said Ted Dick, executive director of the Montana Democratic Party. "Montana's Republican lawmakers like to talk the talk about tightening their belts in tough economic times, but their first order of business was to help themselves to the trough."

Every Democrat in the House voted against the hypocrisy of the GOP, sending a clear message that they refuse to ask Montanans to sacrifice without sacrificing themselves.

After giving themselves raises, new computers and better Cadillac insurance plans, the Republicans then took a hammer to critical funding for education, health care and other vital services. As a result, teachers, nurses and public safety officials will lose their jobs, which will hurt Montana's economy.

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