Montana GOP in Disarray, Runs Further to the Right

Yesterday it was reported that "the Montana GOP is short of funds and is effectively cleaning out its entire staff."  This news is just the latest in a series of stories that show the Montana GOP is now completely overrun by the Tea Party.

"Montana's Republican Party proves once again that it is the party of the right wing extreme, and not of the working families of Montana," said Nancy Keenan, Executive Director of the Montana Democratic Party. "Time and time again, Montana Republicans remind us they are more focused on racing their party further to the extreme right, than they are focused on the issues hardworking Montanans care about."

This is not the first time the Montana GOP has shown signs of party in-fighting and pandering to the radical right.

In July, the Helena Independent Record uncovered Republican lawmakers "skewering" each other on their conservative credentials. Days later, a dark money group called The Montana Association of Conservatives sent leaflets to state legislators bashing some representatives for what they called throwing “away their 'conservative' principles to advance liberal ideology.” Finally, GOP Chairman Jeff Essmann was then attacked by his own party after soliciting colleagues for ways to attack Governor Bullock. 

While no one expects the chaos within the Montana GOP to end, Democrats will continue working to ensure greater economic success for all Montanans. Under Governor Steve Bullock:

  • Montana is ranked most fiscally prudent state [Missoulian, 6/27/14]
  • Montana is 6th in the nation in terms of business tax climate [Missoulian, 10/29/14]
  • Montana has been ranked the fairest tax system in the nation. [KTVH, 9/23/15
  • Montana has been named the top state for entrepreneurship [Missoulian, 6/17/15]
  • Montana personal income growth is among the fastest in the country [BEA Report, 6/22/15; KGVO, 6/19/15]

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