Montana Democrats Call Out Gianforte Ahead of the 80th Anniversary of Social Security

Ahead of the 80th anniversary of Social Security, the Montana Democratic Party released the below video highlighting Gianforte's belief that seniors have an “obligation to work” and criticism for “cashing Social Security checks.”

Watch here: 

In June, Gianforte’s comments made national headlines, including a Huffington Post article that profiled Gianforte’s statement that suggested seniors should never have the choice to retire because such a practice is never mentioned in the Bible:

"There's nothing in the Bible that talks about retirement. And yet it's been an accepted concept in our culture today."

“The example I think of is Noah. How old was Noah when he built the ark? 600. He wasn't like, cashing Social Security checks, he wasn't hanging out, he was working. So, I think we have an obligation to work. The role we have in work may change over time, but the concept of retirement is not biblical."

On August 14, 1935, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act into law. Eighty years later, one in three retired Montanans rely on Social Security as their only source of income. As an economic driver in our state, Social Security spending leads to $4.5 billion in economic activity in Montana.

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