Montana Democratic Party Statement on the Withdrawal of Senator John Walsh from U.S. Senate Race

The Montana Democratic Party released the following statement after the announcement that Senator John Walsh will be withdrawing from the U.S. Senate race:

“Senator Walsh's life has been and continues to be service to our nation and all Montanans.  From 33 years in the National Guard, to serving as Lt. Governor to his time in the U.S. Senate, John Walsh has sacrificed significantly for our country and is to be commended.  

“The Montana Democratic Party looks forward to an open and transparent opportunity for Democrats to come together to decide our new nominee. As we move forward in this race, we must remember this election is not about one person; it’s about Montana. This election is about ensuring our public lands aren’t sold off to the highest bidder, women are free to make their own health care decisions, every Montanan has the opportunity to succeed, and our kids and grandkids are not denied quality education,” said Jim Larson, Chair of the Montana Democratic Party. 

The Montana Democratic Party’s rules for filling a vacancy for statewide office can be found here.



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