Montana Democratic Party Statement on Labor Day

(Billings, MT) – Jim Larson, secretary-treasurer of Teamsters Union #190 and chairman of the Montana Democratic Party, released the following statement honoring Montana workers on the 120th Labor Day:

“Today we honor the contributions and sacrifices of all hardworking Montanans – from coal miners and teachers to firefighters and home health nurses. It’s hardworking folks like these, and folks from all walks of life, that grow our economy and build a stronger Montana for our kids and grandkids.

“It’s been 120 years since we celebrated the first Labor Day honoring workers and their families for their contributions to strengthening our economy and building a prosperous country. Since that day in 1894, we have come a long way in our fight for working families, but our work is not yet done.

“We must ensure that every worker has the opportunity to succeed. That means raising the minimum wage so not a single person with a full-time job has to struggle to put food on their family’s table.  That means ensuring equal pay for equal work. It’s unacceptable that a woman in Montana makes 67 cents to the dollar of her male counterpart. And that means ensuring every family has access to quality, affordable healthcare.

“For too long Montana Republicans have put corporate special interests above what is best for Montana choosing to give corporations tax breaks for shipping jobs overseas rather than supporting American workers here at home. The Montana Democratic Party will continue our fight for workers, their families and the issues important to them: equal pay for equal work; increasing the minimum wage; quality, affordable healthcare; and good-paying jobs.”


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