Montana Democratic Party Releases New Video Highlighting Zinke’s Questionable Campaign

Montana Democratic Party Releases New Video Highlighting Zinke’s Questionable Campaign

(Helena, MT) –Today, the Montana Democratic Party released a video-retrospective on Ryan Zinke’s campaign for Congress so far.
The video highlights Zinke’s ties to a super PAC Zinke founded, the multiple FEC complaints questioning the ties between the super PAC and his campaign, and Zinke’s out of touch record and his flip-flops on issues important to Montanans. The video also points out one consistency from Ryan Zinke: his bad record on public lands.
“Ryan Zinke is out of step with Montana. He supports dark money in Montana elections, he is beholden to out-of-state special interests, has pushed an anti-public lands agenda and is unable to tell the truth,” said Bryan Watt, spokesperson for the Montana Democratic Party.“Ryan will say or do whatever it takes to get elected – even if it contradicts his record or what he’s already said. If Ryan Zinke can’t tell the truth during his campaign, how can Montanans expect him to honestly represent Montana in Congress.”


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