MT Democrats: Response to Rick Hill Receiving Republican Gubernatorial Nomination

Helena, Mont. – Background: After Rick Hill became the Republican nominee for Governor of Montana, Executive Director of the Montana Democratic Party Ted Dick made the following statement:


“Rick Hill has a long record of working against the best interests of hardworking Montanans. As a lobbyist, Hill led the effort to create a new 4 percent sales tax that would have cost Montanans over $400 million. In congress, Hill voted to cut Medicare by $115 billion dollars, supported the privatization of Social Security, voted against increasing the minimum wage, and backed special tax breaks for big corporations. He also put the bill for years of government mismanagement squarely on the backs of regular Montanans as head of the workers compensation board, as well as another new tax – this time as an additional tax in hardworking families paychecks. Rick Hill obviously has the wrong priorities for Montana and we cannot afford him as Governor.”



Hill’s Republican opponents also publicly asserted that his background proves he has the wrong priorities for hardworking Montanans, including:


Ø  Corey Stapleton – Hill took “Sweetheart Deal” and Backed Tax Increases: “Lobbyist Rick Hill sure has a lot of baggage. He tried to dump a huge sales tax on Montana, got sweetheart real estate deals and Rick Hill chaired an insurance board that supported ‘Obamacare.’ And that’s not the half of it” (Youtube. “Corey Stapleton Ad: Baggage.” May 2012. Hyperlink: ).


Ø  Ken Miller – Hill Spends Significant Time in Palm Springs: “Perhaps Congressman Hill should have spent more time enjoying what Montana has to offer and less time in Palm Desert, California” (Missoulian. “GOP candidate for governor Miller criticizes rival Hill's wolf plan” April 4, 2012. Hyperlink:


Ø  Neil Livingstone – Hill Failed to Tackle Workers Comp IssuesI don’t think Rick fixed [the workers compensation system]. I think a lot of the problems that we have today we can attribute to Rick and his tenure there […] he really didn’t get his arms around the problem.  Today there are 19 people working in the State Fund that make more than the governor […] and they give each other big bonuses of several hundred thousand dollars a year” (Youtube. “KMMS Radio Interview with Neil Livingstone.” March 20, 2012. Hyperlink:


Ø  Bob Fanning – Hill Supported De-Regulation of Banks: “Mr. Hill, during your tenure in the 106th congress, I pointed out that there were four (4) sectional charges placed underneath the American economy that blew it up. Number one (1), The Community Reinvestment Act and the expansion of Fannie Mae between 1993-2001. Number two (2), the continued de-regulation of credit default swaps, which are the instruments that blew up the economy. Number three (3), the repeal of the Glass-Stegal Act, which ultimately turned our banks into securitization mills and blew up the economy. And, number four (4), the Commodity Modernization Act. With three million people out of their homes, and 14 million people out of their jobs, do you feel any reason that you should be held to account for our financial crisis because your votes were all yea [in favor of these measures]?” (Billings, MT. “Yellowstone Young GOP Forum.” February 9, 2012. Hyperlink:




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