MT Democrats Express Sorrow for Congressman Hill’s Staff


HELENA, Mont. – As the nation observes National Administrative Professionals Day – and bosses across Montana honor and thank their hardworking employees – the Montana Democratic Party is expressing its sympathy to those who currently work for Congressman Hill, since he has a well-documented history of being difficult to work for.

Congressman Hill, during his tenure in the nation’s capital, was rated by the magazine George as the “second most-difficult boss” in all of congress.

To earn this dubious distinction, George noted that the Congressman:

  • “angrily hurled a letter opener at an aide”
  • Shouted: “I don’t eat deli” to a staffer who brought him the wrong sandwich
  • “fills some afternoons playing Free Cell, a computer game”’
  • And went through three chiefs of staff, three legislative directors and three schedulers in two years.

This caused Ted Dick, Montana Democratic Party Executive Director, to express sympathy toward those who work on Congressman Hill’s campaign staff.

“Congressman Hill has a record of treating his staff poorly,” said Dick. “As we observe National Administrative Professionals Day, our thoughts go out to those individuals who unfortunately have to deal with Congressman Hill day-in and day-out. And, hopefully Congressman Hill's staffers are shying away from purchasing him deli sandwiches these days…and keeping the letter openers in their desks.”

The George article – which rated Congressman Hill the second most difficult boss in congress – also noted that he is known for talking about firing one staff member in front of another.

Check the facts: The Associated Press, “Magazine Finds Hill Second Most Difficult Boss in Congress,” June 19, 1999.


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