MDP Files Formal Complaint Against Rehberg for Abusing Taxpayer Dollars

MDP Files Formal Complaint Against Rehberg for Abusing Taxpayer Dollars
Congressman caught spending your money on his campaign literature

The Montana Democratic Party today filed a formal complaint with a Congressional oversight body against Congressman Dennis Rehberg’s unethical use of taxpayer money for political purposes.

MDP’s complaint states that a recent mailer sent from Congressman Rehberg’s official office crossed the line between his official duties and campaigning for himself, violating Congressional ethics rules. 

Key points from the complaint:

  • "A substantial portion of the content of the mailer is a verbatim recitation of content created and appearing on the website of the Montana Republican Party."
  • "Representative Rehberg is not permitted under Section 3210 (a)(5)(C) of Title 39 and chapter 2, paragraph 17 of the Franking Regulations from mailing at government expense political matter including content produced and disseminated by a political party committee."
  • “[Rehberg's] mailing contains political matter that is expressly prohibited by statute and by the regulations of the House Commission on Congressional Mailing Standards ("Franking Regulations") from being mailed at government expense.”
  • “The verbal content and the illustrative picture which constitute the entirety of the address side of the Franked Mail are clearly intended to emphasize, contrary to the express statutory prohibition on doing so, Representative Rehberg's claim that he is an avid sportsman.”

“Congressman Rehberg already has enough Wall Street and Big Oil money to fund his political campaign--hardworking Montana taxpayers shouldn't have to,” said Ted Dick, Executive Director of the Montana Democratic Party.  “How much did Rehberg's campaign literature cost taxpayers?  And how much more of our hard-earned money will he spend running for higher office?  Refunding the taxpayer dollars he irresponsibly spent on this mailer is the only right thing for Congressman Rehberg to do about this mess."

The full complaint is below the mailer: 




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