Looking forward to 2016, only one party is prepared

On the heels of the Montana Democratic Party's Rules and Officer Convention, Montana Democrats displayed unity, enthusiasm, and energy for the upcoming election. Meanwhile, the Montana Republican Party is more focused on purging it's ranks and wrestling with infighting. 

Here are some highlights:

KWYB (ABCFOX): Montana democrats looking forward to 2016
"I think the big difference is that the Montana Democratic Party is united. And we're ready to roll." - Nancy Keenan

Great Falls Tribune: Democrats focus 2016 election on Bullock
Bullock praised delegates for their unity.  "I’m glad our party is more interested in moving forward for our state than in ‘purging our ranks’,” he said. “We’re here for the common goal of electing more Democrats."

Bozeman Daily Chronicle: Democrats gather in Bozeman to support Bullock
...executive director Nancy Keenan. "There’s a difference between we Democrats and those Republicans. We’re focused, we have a mission and we’re united, that’s the difference."

Montana Public Radio: Bullock To Dems: Governor's Race Will Be About Big Money
Compared to the Republican convention seven weeks earlier, when the sitting party chairman was voted out, the state Democratic get-together was a low-drama event.

MNT News: Montana Democrats gather for convention in Bozeman

AP: Montana Democrats retained their current state party leaders

Meanwhile, Montana Republicans are more focused on attacking each other than they are preparing to be successful in 2016. 

Helena Independent Record: Montana GOP Leaders Skewer Colleagues, Compare Party to ‘Dead Rat.'
Monforton described Sen. Bruce Tutvedt as “one of the worst Republicans who has ever served in the Legislature.”

“I have no clue who granted them, or anyone for that matter, the right to define what it means to be a Republican,” Jones said.

“People like Matthew Monforton, I don’t think they’re really Republicans,” he said, calling him too “extreme.”

Great Falls Tribune: Montana GOP Ousts Chair
Tammy Hall, who nominated Deschamps and ran for vice-chair, told her party to "stop this crap" of tearing each other down.

"Will is not a dictator, a bully or a socialist, and if I hear one more Republican make that statement I'm going to throw up," Hall said.

MTPR: Too Inclusive? Montana GOP Electing New Leader
Despite the advantage of being the incumbent, Deschamps’ inclusive view of the party makes him a target for activists who insist only ‘solid conservatives’ deserve to bear the Republican brand.

AP: Montana GOP Claims AG Misconduct in Closed Primary Lawsuit 


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