Lindeen Stands Up for Montana Consumers


In case you missed it, the Billings Gazette ran this great profile of Insurance Comissioner Monica Lindeen's work to protect one Montanan who found herself in a bind.  

Here's more from the story in the March 7th edition

"A motorcycle mechanic for 35 years, Pat died last year of a genetic disorder known as alpha-1. When she called to collect on the policy, she was stone-walled.

The company first said that no such policy existed. When she faxed them documents she and Pat had signed to buy the policy, the company responded by telling her the policy had been purchased for her, not for Pat. 

They battled back and forth until finally Kathleen began looking into hiring an attorney. But first, she tried one more approach. 

"That's when I called the Montana insurance commissioner," she said. 

And the fight was on.

In 2012, the state collected and returned $5.2 million to Montana residents, money owed them by their insurance companies.  

In a statement, Monica Lindeen, the state commissioner of securities and insurance, said when state residents have disputes with their insurers, her office has the experts to help.

“We work hard every day to make sure insurance companies treat Montanans fairly," she said.

The $5.2 million returned to state residents last year was a record amount and came from insurance premium refunds, incorrectly increased premiums or incorrectly charged premiums, various claim issues, various life and health issues and other policies."



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