KURL-8: Refinery Workers Criticize Rehberg For Cuts To Safety Programs

BILLINGS - Billings refinery workers gave Congressman Denny Rehberg an earful Wednesday morning over cuts to work safety programs.

"You quit giving MSHA money and you reduced their budget. That was you and your buddy Bush," said control man Dan Long.

Rehberg held one of his listening sessions with ConocoPhillips workers Wednesday. The republican said he wants to continue bringing oil, gas and coal production to the state and nation. Refinery Manager Steven Steach said the session is one of many programs to encourage refinery workers to vote this year.

"There's a lot of issues facing our industry: taxes, environment regulations," he said. "For us it's very important. It affects our jobs, our businesses, our long term viability."

Rehberg said more should be done to find new energy sources, including exploring the Rocky Mountain Front in northcentral Montana.


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