In Case You Missed It: Zinke's Flip-Flopping on Guns Builds Enthusiasm Gap among Fellow Republicans

Gun Rights Advocates: "Ryan Zinke is showing serious signs he'd be an anti-gun vote in the U.S. House"

Ryan Zinke has flip-flopped on guns and his fellow Republicans have not forgotten.  Zinke has been inconsistent at best and disingenuous at worst when he has spoken about his views on the 2nd Amendment.

Zinke has continued to prove that he will do or say anything to get elected. Before his bid for U.S. House, Zinke believed that schools were one of the places where guns just did not belong. However, Zinke quickly changed his position to appeal to the extremes of his party.

"All Montanans have seen Ryan Zinke switch his positions depending on which way the wind blows--and this includes his Republican pals.  Where does Ryan Zinke really stand on guns?  No one, not even Republicans know for sure," said Bryan Watt, spokesperson for the Montana Democratic Party. 

Other Republicans have taken notice of Zinke’s lack of political integrity when it comes to guns.

  • Former Congressman and candidate for Governor Rick Hill pointed to Zinke’s abysmal rating from Montana sportsman. “Even more concerning is his voting record… he earned an 8% rating from the Montana Shooting Sports Association,” stated Hill.
  • President of the Montana Shooting Sports Association Gary Marbut wrote, “When Zinke was in the Legislature, he and I had two or three spirited conversations wherein he voiced the strong opinion that .50 caliber rifles are far too dangerous for civilians to be allowed to own.  He felt very strongly about that then.  Then, about the time he announced his candidacy for the U.S. House, he sent me a card saying he’d changed his position on .50 caliber rifles.  Yes, a sudden, election season conversion.”
  • The National Association of Gun Rights came out against Zinke in the Republican Primary stating, “One of the candidates running, Ryan Zinke, is showing serious signs he'd be an anti-gun vote in the U.S. House.” The NAGR has since has since deleted their press release, but evidence still remains via a simple Google search.

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