Illegal or Unethical? Zinke Ties to Super PAC Don’t Pass the Smell Test

AP report: Zinke “is benefiting from a political action committee he created.”

(Helena, MT) – A new report offers troubling evidence pointing to U.S. House candidate Ryan Zinke’s possible illegal coordination with an out-of-state special interest group.  According to the Associated Press, U.S. House Candidate, Ryan Zinke, “is benefiting from a political action committee he created.”

The Special Operation Super PAC Zinke created has spent more than $70,000 on advertising supporting his candidacy.

In the report, Zinke states that when he resigned as chairman of the super PAC he “wanted to make sure everything was aboveboard and squeaky clean”, but many experts are calling into question the legality of the arrangement.

Campaign finance law dictates that Super PACs and candidates cannot consult each other on or coordinate their activities.

“This behind-the-scenes horse trading is unacceptable. Zinke’s relationship with the Super PAC he created just doesn’t pass the smell test. Montanans deserve to know if any campaign finance laws have been broken,” said Andrea Marcoccio, Executive Director of the Montana Democratic Party. “The last thing Montanans want is the return of the Copper Kings and Ryan Zinke is putting us on that path.”


The full AP report can be found here.


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