HEADLINES: Rehberg Tax Hike Plan Panned in National Press

Helena, MT -  Congressman Rehberg’s decision to follow his party bosses' plan to raise middle class taxes and kill Keystone jobs is getting some bad headlines.

Not just because it will end medical and unemployment benefits for millions of Americans, but because Congressman Rehberg and House Republicans have broken our political system with the most extreme kind of partisan politics:

PoliticoPayroll tax cut: Theatrics trump progress
“House Republicans may have just suffered the worst 24-hour news cycle since they captured the majority last November — including a pummeling from the conservative editorial pages of the Wall Street Journal, and a raft of bad headlines nationwide.”

LA Times:  With payroll tax cut unresolved, Congress packs up
“Several GOP senators who face reelection next year accused their House colleagues of acting irresponsibly . . . But as has happened so many times this year, those voices were drowned out in the House by hard-charging conservatives and their newly arrived tea party partners, who pushed the GOP to instigate one last round of brinkmanship as the year ends."

Wall Street Journal EditorialThe GOP's Payroll Tax Fiasco
“If Republicans didn't want to extend the payroll tax cut on the merits, then they should have put together a strategy and the arguments for defeating it and explained why.”


St. Petersburg Times House Republicans pick party over nation
“If your taxes go up 10 days from now, you will know whom to blame: U.S. House Republicans, including all of those in Florida and Tampa Bay. They are the ones who failed to support bipartisan legislation to extend the payroll tax cut that was overwhelmingly approved by the Senate. They are the ones who rejected an extension of long-term unemployment benefits for 3 million Americans. And they are the ones who should be held accountable in the next election for their callous indifference to the needs of their constituents.”

The Plain Dealer Farce and tragedy attend Congress's 'work' on payroll tax cut extension 
“For a few hours last weekend, it looked as if our dysfunctional Congress was actually going to end the year with a rare bit of bipartisanship that would help millions of Americans by extending the payroll tax holiday and unemployment benefits. But then House Republicans rebelled. The result is yet another stalemate that makes Congress look inept and out of touch.”
Star Tribune House GOP fails American workers 
“House Republicans voted to test the patience of struggling lower- and middle-class Americans once again Tuesday by failing to accept a bipartisan Senate bill that would have extended payroll tax cuts and jobless benefits.[…] House GOP leaders deserve the blame for this latest Washington fiasco. Their political brinkmanship is so off the charts that even leading Senate Republicans are blasting them. ‘Their actions will hurt American families and be detrimental to our fragile economy,’ Sen. Scott Brown, R-Mass., rightly concluded.”


  • John McCain:  "It is harming the Republican Party.  It is harming the view, if it's possible anymore, of the American people about Congress. And we've got to get this thing resolved" [CNN, 12/20/11].
  • Jon Huntsman: “I think we are losing the high ground on tax cuts and I think that’s a bad place for the Republican party to be,” [Fox News, 12/21/11].


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