Gianforte Can’t Escape His Support For Discrimination

New Jersey billionaire Greg Gianforte is having a hard time escaping his backing of pro-discrimination policies in Montana and his support for national hate groups.

“While one Kentucky County Clerk is getting all the attention for believing she has the right to discriminate, Greg Gianforte has supported such policies here in Montana for years,” said MDP Executive Director Nancy Keenan. “And now Gianforte’s local discrimination policies and the national headlines collide as it turns out he’s funded the very ‘hate group’ that’s standing up for the controversial Kentucky County Clerk.”

As Kim Davis makes her way back to her post as County Clerk in Kentucky today with a renewed refusal to comply with the law, groups like the Family Research Council are doubling down on their support for her illegal and discriminatory behavior.

Public records indicate that Gianforte has funded the Family Research Council, giving $14,000 to the group that has been categorized by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate group in 2010.

Gianforte’s support for such a group isn’t a complete surprise after he spent months last year fighting against the Bozeman non-discrimination ordinance that prohibits discrimination based on a person’s sexual orientation in the workplace, housing and public accommodations.

In fact, Gianforte sent an email to Bozeman Mayor Jeff Krauss and the Bozeman city commission , saying “homosexual advocates try to argue that businesses are leery of locating in towns that aren’t friendly to homosexuals. I believe the opposite is truer.”

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