Gianforte's Terrible Week Was A Result of His Discriminatory Positions

Last week was one that Greg Gianforte is glad is over. A brief recap shows that from one day to the next, Gianforte's positions in support of discrimination continue to haunt him. 

Monday (9/14) - As Kim Davis made her way back to her post as County Clerk in Kentucky with a renewed refusal to comply with the law, groups like the Family Research Council doubled down on their support for her illegal and discriminatory behavior. We were reminded that Greg Gianforte has financially supported the Family Research Council. Link: here.

Tuesday (9/15) - Video was released from the Montana High Tech Jobs Summit showing Greg Gianforte moderating a panel where he blatantly avoided an MSU student's thoughtful question on discrimination and its impact on Montana's economy. Link: here.

Tuesday (9/15) - A Gallatin County District Judge dismissed a lawsuit that attempted to overturn Bozeman's non-discrimination ordinance (NDO). Gianforte led the fight against Bozeman's NDO and even wrote in an email to Mayor Jeff Krauss and the Bozeman City Commission: "Homosexual advocates try to argue that businesses are leery of locating in towns that aren't friendly to homosexuals, I believe the opposite is truer." Link: here.

Wednesday (9/16) - At the High Tech Jobs Summit, MTPR reported on a Venture Capitalist, Doug Burgum speaking about the importance of an inclusive social environment that attracts millennials to live and work there. This, of course, puts him at odds with Greg Gianforte who believes discrimination is beneficial. Link: here.

Thursday (9/17) - Hours ahead of an Americans for Prosperity event where Gianforte spoke, Montana Democrats responded in a press conference, holding him accountable for his discriminatory agenda. Link: here.

Friday (9/17) - Following a student protest of Gianforte's Thursday speech at an Americans for Prosperity event, Gianforte's hometown paper ran a brutal front page picture of the event:

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