GOP Comments on Exxon Reveal a Deeper Problem in the Montana Republican Party

Will Deschamps, the Chairman of the Montana Republican Party, recently gave some shocking advice to the company that caused the oil spill near Billings.  He wrote that Exxon “should not spend one red cent in Missoula County.” 
Maybe the Montana Republican Party didn’t get the memo, but Exxon is already costing Montanans money in Billings and Eastern Montana.  Now, they want Exxon to stop doing business in Missoula, delivering a blow to jobs and local businesses.
These comments were completely out of touch in light of the disaster on the Yellowstone River, and the challenges faced by local businesses in these tough economic times. But there's a much deeper problem growing in the leadership of the Montana Republican Party.  The leaders of “Grand Old Party” have developed a brand new habit of putting irresponsible, extremist ideology and national corporations ahead of Montana jobs.
The leaders of the new Montana Republican Party would rather spout radical diatribes and defend their Wall Street friends than respond to the needs of middle class Montanans by working to create jobs. 
Nowhere was that more clear than during the legislative session, where the Republican leaders pushed birther bills, spear hunting legislation, and wasted our time with pointless distractions that created no jobs.
Congressman Dennis Rehberg—the undisputed leader of the Montana Republican Party—has done no better.  He’s made veiled threats against federal judges, called Pell Grants welfare, protected irresponsible subsidies for the five biggest oil companies and railed against science in an amendment that would have relaxed safety standards for our food and the blood supply.
It’s time for Congressman Rehberg to come clean about the new direction of his Montana Republican Party – does he agree with Deschamps’ anti-jobs, anti-small business, anti-Missoula, anti-Montana rhetoric?  Does he agree with the bizarre agenda Republicans pushed during the legislative session? 
Montanans from across the political spectrum are expecting answers to these questions.

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