GOP Candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction Sen. Elsie Arntzen Rejects Pre-school Funding

Today the Billings Gazette reported that the Republican candidate for the Office of Public Instruction, Sen. Elsie Arntzen, joined other Republicans in a partisan letter to Montana's congressional delegation urging them to reject $40 million in federal preschool funding for 21 communities in Montana to expand or establish preschool programs for four years. 

"Montanans want their State Superintendent to be fighting for their children, not against them," said Nancy Keenan, Executive Director of the Montana Democratic Party. "Sen. Arntzen is making it very clear she would rather put her extreme ideology ahead of the needs of Montana's families and preschoolers."

The partisan letter signed by Republicans is not the first time Sen. Arntzen has fought against Montana's early education. She also voted against the $37 million "Early Edge" pre-school initiative during the legislative session. Montana is one of only six states without any state investment in preschool programs.

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