From Climate Change Supporter to Climate Change Denier: The Ryan Zinke Story

 Zinke Earns a Flip-Flop Factor of Five for His New Position on Climate Change

 (Helena, MT) – As former SOFA PAC chairman turned U.S. House candidate Ryan Zinke continues to change his position when politically convenient on top Montana issues, such as a woman’s right to choose and the second amendment, Montanans now have a tool to know when Ryan Zinke is flip-flopping.

The Flip-Flop Factor is rating Zinke at a level five, the highest level, as Zinke’s stance on climate change is now the exact opposite as it was before. Zinke first supported measures to address climate change, but now he denies that climate change exists.

Zinke Flip-Flop Factor: Climate Change


Before running for Congress, Zinke supported subsidizing renewable energy & climate change legislation. In 2009, he supported subsidizing new wind, solar and biomass facilities by taxing oil imports in a guest column in the Flathead Beacon. In 2010, he signed a letter urging the President and Congress to pass climate change legislation. 

But now, Zinke does not believe that climate change exists despite the litany of climate change research saying otherwise.

Zinke told the Bozeman Chronicle “he has seen no scientific evidence… that climate change is changing the weather.” He also implied that volcanoes are the reason behind increased levels of CO2.


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