Former Governor Schweitzer Raises Questions About Daines' Record of Creating Jobs…In China

 Daines Worked to Open Factories in China while His Company Closed Plants in US and Eliminated American Jobs

(Helena, MT) – In his some of his first comments about the Montana Senate race, Governor Brian Schweitzer today raised questions about Congressman Steve Daines' career of creating new jobs in China.
Governor Schweitzer discussed the Montana Senate race during a segment on MSNBC, reminding the national audience that voters still “really don’t know Steve Daines” and that as the election gets closer, they’ll learn that Congressman Daines “was born in California and spent most of his career in China outsourcing jobs.”

Congressman Daines worked for Procter and Gamble in China, where he set up factories. During that same time, P&G closed four U.S.-based plants and eliminated 1,800 American jobs. 

Here are five questions every Montanans should ask Congressman Daines about hisreal jobs record:

  1. Did you know P&G was shutting down American factories while you were opening new plants in China?
  2. How many American jobs were lost when P&G transferred operations to China?
  3. How many factories did you help set-up in China and how many Chinese jobs were created because you opened those factories?
  4. Proctor and Gamble is still outsourcing jobs. Is this why you voted twice to reward companies that ship jobs overseas?
  5. Why is China better equipped to manufacture products that can be made in America and Montana?

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