Five Reasons Congressman Daines is Bad for Montana Small Businesses

Daines Bows to Corporations and Special Interests to Help Ship Jobs Overseas

(Helena, MT) – As National Small Business Week kicks off, the Montana Democratic Party highlighted how Congressman Steve Daines’ damaging votes would actually harm small businesses and working class Montanans.

Here are the top five reasons Daines is bad for Montana small businesses:

  1. Daines has pledged to protect big corporations and voted twice to give tax breaks to corporations that ship jobs overseas while slashing investments in small business programs that would result in a loss of 314,000 American jobs.
  2. Daines sided with corporate special interests and Washington insiders demanding and voting for the government shutdown causing $45 million in economic damages to Montana’s tourism industry.
  3. Daines voted for a tax break for himself while raising taxes on the middle class including a $2,000 tax increase for many Montana families.
  4. Montana’s public lands are an economic engine for Montana’s economy, but Congressman Daines voted twice for a plan that could sell Montana’s public lands to provide tax breaks to himself and corporations that ship jobs overseas.
  5. Daines voted for a plan that would gut Pell grants and slash investments in workforce training programs leaving Montana college students without access to affordable student aid and small businesses without a well-educated and skilled workforce. 

“Corporate special interests have a great friend in Congressman Daines. Daines has provided billions in tax breaks to corporations that ship jobs overseas while cutting the legs from under Montana small businesses,” said Bryan Watt, spokesperson for the Montana Democratic Party. “The only way to show Congressman Daines that he needs to put Montana first is to vote him out of office.”

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