Five Questions Daines is too Afraid to Answer

Congressman claims he’s “too busy” to talk to Montanans, hides from self-serving record

(Helena, MT) – While Congressman Steve Daines continues to claim he is “too busy” to participate in a primary debate for his run for U.S. Senate, he has scarcely been seen in the state. Montanans are seeking answers from Daines for his self-serving agenda in Washington.

The Montana Democratic Party placed a missing person ad in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle asking for information on Daines’ whereabouts since Daines fails to disclose his public schedule.

Here are the top five questions Daines is too afraid to answer:

  1. Why did you give tax breaks to millionaires like yourself while raising taxes on the middle class?
  2. How do you justify increasing out-of-pocket costs seniors pay for medication while giving tax breaks to corporations that ship jobs overseas?
  3. Why do you support selling Montana’s public lands used by our hunters, anglers, hikers and that drives our tourism economy?
  4. Why do you believe men deserve the right to make their own healthcare decisions, but women don’t?
  5. How will raising interest rates on student loans benefit Montana students?

“Congressman Daines can try to hide from his damaging record in Washington, but Montanans deserve answers about his actions to privatize Medicare, sell off our public lands, and raise middle class taxes while giving millionaires like himself a tax break,” said Bryan Watt, spokesperson for the Montana Democratic Party.

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