Failure: Rehberg’s ability to hold himself accountable at Senate debate

Lobbyist-turned-Congressman Dennis Rehberg failed to hold himself accountable to Montana tonight at the U.S. Senate race’s first televised debate in Billings.

Sharply contrasting Rehberg’s neglect for accountability, Montana farmer Jon Tester openly discussed his his vision for the future—including job creation and deficit reduction, and his record of responsible decision making that benefits Montanans.

Rehberg failed to account for the irresponsible record he put together during his 12 years in Washington and continued to duck questions Montanans want answers to: Rehberg’s frivolous lawsuit against Billings' firefighters, support for shipping American jobs overseas, and his belief that Pell Grants are "welfare."

“Dennis Rehberg refused to hold himself accountable during tonight’s debate, despite desperate attempts to salvage his irresponsible record,” said Chris Saeger, spokesman for the Montana Democratic Party. “Tonight, Jon Tester had an honest conversation with Montanans about our future—about creating jobs and cutting the deficit—and he has the record of putting Montana first to make it work.”

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