Dennis on DEFENSE after voting against Montana firefighters, emergency responders

Helena, MT -- Millionaire Congressman Dennis Rehberg just sent this press release after being called out for his vote today against Montana's firefighters and emergency responders--as Montana communities deal with historic floods.

But in fact (as you can read here), Rehberg voted against an amendment that would have restored Rehberg's funding cuts for these important priorities to last year's levels.  What Rehberg supported was a bill that actually "cuts Federal Emergency Management Agency State and Local programs to 55 percent below the enacted FY2011 level, and 70 percent below the FY2010 level." [The Hill, 5/24/2004]

Later, Republican Rep. Robert Aderholt "successfully offered an amendment to increase emergency disaster relief by $1 billion. Democrats on the committee said that this will not likely be enough to handle to tornado and flooding damage so far this year in the heartland."  Reports already indicate that disaster relief in Joplin, MO will cost far more than $1 billion.

"That's Dennis Rehberg to a T," said MDP executive director Ted Dick.  "Do one thing in Washington and tell Montanans something entirely different.  We've come to expect no less."


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