Debate: Rehberg's Medicare Voucher Plan Comes Under Fire

Multimillionaire Congressman Dennis Rehberg's support for ending Medicare as we know it came into sharp focus at tonight's U.S Senate debate in Bozeman.
In 2009, Rehberg voted for Congressman Paul Ryan's first controversial attempt to "replace the traditional Medicare program with subsidies" [AP, 4/3/09]. At the debate, Montana farmer Jon Tester held Rehberg accountable for supporting a plan that increases costs for seniors, while protecting tax favors for special interests.

"During his 12 years in Washington, Congressman Dennis Rehberg has made many irresponsible decisions that hurt Montana, but trying to end Medicare as we know it is near the top--and Montanans will hold him accountable for it," said Chris Saeger, spokesman for the Montana Democratic Party.  "Jon Tester's priorities are Montana's priorities -- that's why he has always stood up to Congressman Rehberg's irresponsible plans to turn Medicare into a voucher system."

At no point in the 2012 Montana Senate race has Congressman Rehberg distanced himself from the idea of transforming Medicare into a voucher program.  Last week, he told a reporter that his only concern about Ryan's most recent plan was "the process," not the fact that the unpopular plan ends traditional Medicare as we know it [Yellowstone Public Radio, 10/9/12].  

Rehberg's vote for the first Ryan plan: [H.Con.Res.85, Vote #191, 4/2/09].

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