Daines to Vote on Ryan Budget that Could Sell Montana Public Lands

Ryan Budget includes public lands sale that would jeopardize outdoor heritage and tourism economy

Daines already pushing ‘Land-Grab’ bill and allowing Republican colleagues to hold up North Fork Watershed Protection Act

(Helena, MT) – Montana’s public lands are an economic engine for Main Streets across Montana yet Congressman Steve Daines wants to put them up for sale to pay for tax cuts for himself, his millionaire friends, and corporate special interests.

Daines came out in strong support for the Ryan Budget, a plan that champions selling public lands. Daines’ position contradicts the majority of Montanans who strongly oppose any plan to sell public lands. The Ryan plan would also jeopardize land conservation, restrict funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund and cut funding available to preserve high-quality hunting and fishing habitats. 

“Congressman Daines’ self-serving agenda puts Montana’s outdoor heritage on the line. He’d prefer to sell off Montana’s public lands to give tax breaks to millionaires and corporations rather than protect what is most important to Montanans,” said Bryan Watt, spokesperson for the Montana Democratic Party.

Daines’ support for public land sale is the latest offer to help out allies at the expense of Montana’s great outdoors: he introduced the top-down Land Grab bill that would open many of Montana’s best hunting grounds and trout streams to the timber industry.

While Daines touted his work on the North Fork Watershed Protection Act, he’s allowing his Republican allies in the Senate to block the bill’s passage.

“Congressman Daines is a phony conservationist and Montanans can see right through his political stunt. You can’t take credit for getting the ball halfway to the goal line. Your buddies are holding up a bill Montanans overwhelmingly support – time to stand up for what’s right for our state, not your party,” said Watt.

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