Daines Takes $10,000 from Citizens United

Congressman Steve Daines has only been in Washington for 6 months, but he's already in deep with the special interests who want to protect dark money in politics.  
The first-term Congressman has accepted a $10,000 check from Citizens United -- the organization behind the Supreme Court case that opened the door to unlimited corporate spending in elections.  
"Congressman Daines has just given Montanans 10,000 reasons to believe he's not on their side," said Chris Saeger, spokesman for the Montana Democratic Party."Citizens United and Congressman Daines would let special interests spend millions with no accountability to buy elections, and that's the last thing Montanans want out of Washington." 
Last year, voters overwhelmingly approved a ballot initiative calling on the state's leaders to overturn the Citizens United decision, which re-defined corporations as people, allowing them to spend money on political campaigns with no transparency.  There are proposals in Congress to overturn the measure, but Congressman Daines has rejected them.
"If Congressman Daines believes corporations are people, then he is completely out of touch with the people of Montana," added Saeger.  "That kind of thinking might make sense to Washington insiders like Congressman Daines, but it's not how we do business in Montana." 
Prior to losing his race for the U.S. Senate year, Dennis Rehberg also accepted thousands from the organization.  

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