Daines Puts Politics before Veterans and Their Families

Congressman has consistently voted against critical programs for men and women in uniform, but takes credit for their services 

(Helena, MT) – Though Congressman Steve Daines attended the dedication of an expanded VA clinic in Billings, he’s constantly voted against funding for programs that serve men and women in uniform and their families.

Congressman Daines voted against funding for construction of VA health clinics like the Majestic Lane Clinic in Billings.

“Congressman Daines must know that when it comes to serving our veterans, you can’t just show up – you have to work hard,” said Bryan Watt, spokesperson for the Montana Democratic Party. “His work includes votes against VA clinics and against initiatives to cut the veterans compensation backlog – all while giving millionaires and corporations tax breaks."

This isn’t the first time Daines has pushed veterans aside for political gain.

Ø  Daines voted against providing a pay increase for active-duty troops and reserves that would have ensured our service men and women can take care of their families. (Vote; Source, House Appropriations Committee)

Ø  Daines voted against military programs aimed at providing care for our troops, their families and veterans and suicide prevention. (Vote; Source, House Appropriations Committee)

Ø  Daines voted against funding improvements for VA medical services including health programs for rural veterans and mental health care services. (Vote; Source, House Appropriations Committee)

Ø  Daines twice voted against initiatives that would have ended the backlog in disability compensation claims. (Vote, Vote; Source, House Appropriations Committee)

Ø  Daines voted against programs that work to prevent sexual assault and help provide legal counsel for sexual assault victims. (Vote; Source, Washington Post)

Ø  Daines voted to cut food assistance to veterans and their families. (Vote; Source, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities)

Ø  Daines was unwilling to suspend his salary in order to prevent cuts to veteran benefits.  (Vote; Source, CQ)




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