Daines Fails Basic Questions in Bumbling Radio Interview

Congressman Says Controversial Budget Proposal That Privatizes Medicare ‘Did Show Balance’ 

Daines Chokes on Answers Facing Tough Questions about ‘misleading’ TV Ad

(Helena MT) – Congressman Steve Daines is stumbling his way through basic interviews about his record of hurting Montanans in order to protect tax breaks for millionaires and corporations that ship American jobs overseas.

Daines this week faced questions during a rocky interview with Montana Public Radio, online HERE

Here are five key takeaways from Daines’ interview:

  • @ 2:20 Daines said his recent vote for the controversial Ryan Budget “did show balance.”  That budget actually increases taxes on middle class families, incentivizes corporations to move operations overseas, sells off public lands, and privatizes Medicare.
  • @3:44 Daines calls an initiative (the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) to keep seniors, children and even veterans from going hungry “wasteful spending.”  In Montana, 5,700 veterans rely on SNAP for basic food.
  • @ 7:52 Daines refuses to support the popular and bipartisan Rocky Mountain Front Heritage Act, even though he calls it a “very special place.”
  • @ 12:11 Daines defended his controversial anti-hunting “land grab” bill which opens up Montana backcountry to development.  When asked about his “misleading” TV ad touting the bill, Daines choked on his own words and refused to answer the question.
  • @14:52 Daines defended the unpopular Citizens United and McCutcheon Supreme Court decisions.  Montanans in 2012 overwhelmingly rejected Citizens United and called on Daines to overturn the law in Congress. Daines has taken thousands of dollars from Citizen United's SuperPAC.

Listen to the full interview HERE.

“It’s no surprise Congressman Daines has been hiding from Montana – he can’t answer basic questions about his agenda of putting special interests ahead of us in Washington,” said Bryan Watt, spokesperson for the Montana Democratic Party.  “Congressman Daines knows he can’t defend tax break for millionaires, privatizing Medicare, and selling off our public lands.”

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