Daines Deploys More Doublespeak in Indian Country

Congressman casts votes detrimental to Native Americans across Montana

(Helena, MT) – The Daines Dishonesty Tracker has jumped to 24 as Congressman Daines claims to be a champion for Montana’s native communities but really pursues policies that harm Indian Country.  

“Congressman Daines will say and do anything to get elected, including lying to Native Americans about his harmful record in Washington. Native Americans deserve better than Daines’ dishonesty and doublespeak. They deserve a congressman who has leadership, courage and will put Montanans ahead of Washington special interests,” said Bryan Watt, spokesperson for the Montana Democratic Party.

Here are the newest additions to the Daines Dishonesty Tracker:

Daines Claim: He says he wants to help Indian Country economically.
Reality: Daines demanded and voted for the government shutdown, which led to devastating impacts in Indian Country. Daines also supported the Sequester leading to negative impacts to Indian Health Service, education, and food assistance.

Daines Claim: He says he supports increased support for victims on domestic violence and sexual assault in Indian Country.
Reality: Daines voted against funding domestic violence and sexual assault prevention programs and has not signed onto legislation that would help Indian tribal governments combat violent crimes against Indian women.

Daines Claim: He claims he wants to help the most vulnerable.
Reality: Daines voted to gut anti-hunger programs that would disproportionally affect Native Americans.

Daines Claim: He states that he wants Native Americans to have access to quality, affordable healthcare.
Reality: Daines voted to repeal the Indian Health Care Improvement Act and voted against increased funding for Indian Health Service.

Daines Claim: He claims he supports educational opportunities for Indian Country.
Reality: Daines voted to gut Pell grants that support Indian students attending college.

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