Daines Denies Unemployment Insurance for Montanans Out of Work But Applauds Plan to Cut Taxes for Corporations & Millionaires

(Helena, MT) – As the U.S. Senate considers an extension of unemployment insurance that would serve thousands of Montana families and veterans, Congressman Steve Daines stands squarely against the program – even as he reaffirms his support for millionaire and corporate tax cuts.
Emergency unemployment insurance ended in December for more than 14,300 Montana familiescosting Montana’s economy more than $532,000 in just one week. The lack of an extension of unemployment insurance forced struggling families and single parents to choose between paying their mortgage and buying groceries.
Nationally, nearly 200,000 veterans who rely on unemployment insurance were also left without means to cover household costs as they look for work.  
Despite the ongoing and overwhelming need for unemployment insurance, Daines opposes the measure. Instead, he has endorsed the latest controversial Ryan budget proposal, which would lower taxes for millionaires and corporations, raise taxes on the middle class, privatize Medicare and cut $135 billion from anti-hunger programs.
“In Congressman Daines’ world, millionaires like himself need tax cuts while struggling families are left without the support they need to get back onto their feet,” said Bryan Watt, spokesperson for the Montana Democratic Party. “Montanans are tired of Daines siding with Washington special interests and lacking the courage to do right by Montana.”

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