Daines Continues Anti-Public Lands Agenda in Congress

Daines Continues Anti-Public Lands Agenda in Congress
Daines pushes through top-down land grab bill with little Montana support
(Helena, MT) - Congressman Daines spent a full day in Washington yesterday leading the effort to send a land-grab bill through the House of Representatives and fundraising with special interest lobbyists. 
The same evening that Congressman Daines hobnobbed with special interest PACs at a fundraiser for his campaign, he touted passing his DC-written land-grab bill to clear-cut forests in Montana. This bill is opposed by at least eighteen Montana sportsmen groups who were outraged when Daines sponsored legislation that would jeopardizes access to public lands without any input from Montanans. 
"Congressman Daines is pushing a top-down land grab bill through Congress and fundraising with his special interest friends in DC instead of acting on proposals that have broad support here in Montana," said Bryan Watt, spokesperson for the Montana Democratic Party. "Whether it's voting for tax increases on working class families to pay for tax breaks for corporations that ship jobs overseas or sponsoring legislation that clear-cuts Montana's forests, Daines has abandoned Montana and their clear support of home-grown solutions."
Besides yesterday's House vote, Daines has amassed a dangerous public lands record in less than two years in Washington: 
  • Daines TWICE voted to sell off public lands. 
  • He fundraised with a Senator blocking the passage of the North Fork Protection Act.
  • Daines demanded and then voted for the government shutdown, closing national parks and costing Montana's economy $45 million.
  • Daines sponsored DC-written land-grab bill without holding public meetings with Montanans. 
  • The Congressman refused to support Rocky Mountain Front Heritage Act.
  • Earlier this summer, Daines signed a letter to House Speaker John Boehner urging opposition to "place-based proposals". 



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