Daines’ Dishonesty Tracker: China Edition – More Doublespeak On Jobs

Congressman Talks Job Creation, but Helps Companies Ship Jobs Overseas

(Helena, MT) – While Montanans wait for Congressman Steve Daines to answer for his work creating jobs in China and the impact on American jobs, the Dishonesty Tracker is ticking up with still more cases of doublespeak.

Daines has not talked about the role he played in moving Procter & Gamble – his former company – to China, where he was a senior manager in charge of setting up factories in Hong Kong and around the mainland.

During the time while Daines was on the ground helping to set up factories in China, his company closed four U.S.-based plants and eliminated 4,000 American jobs in order to reduce costs through cheap labor. 

Daines left P&G, but he is still helping companies outsource jobs and move operations overseas. Daines supports protecting tax breaks for corporations that ship jobs overseas while raising taxes on Montana families by $2,000 a year. In addition, Daines twice voted to allow companies to dodge taxes on foreign profits.

“Montanans want to know why Congressman Daines is so intent on hiding his business record. He won’t answer questions about creating jobs in China or giving huge tax breaks that help ship jobs overseas,” said Bryan Watt, spokesperson for the Montana Democratic Party. “Daines continues to be dishonest with Montanans. What else is he hiding?”

This isn’t the first time Daines has been dishonest about his record. The Montana Democratic Party recently launched the Daines Dishonesty Tracker, which now stands at 15 dishonest claims.

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