Crazy Train

In Helena and in Washington DC, the leaders of Montana's Grand Old Party have tried to take Montana off the rails with their extreme agenda for our state.

Call it a Crazy Train.  And we think you'll agree: It shouldn't be picking up steam in Montana.

Check out this video that shows just how extreme Republican lawmakers have become.  

Republican lawmakers have made veiled threats against federal judges, defended drunk driving and tried to re-write the constitution. All of this, while thwarting Democratic efforts to put Montanans to work and keep our state moving forward. 

Watch our video to see the clear difference between the parties. There is the Republican Party is trying to derail our state with an irresponsible and out-of-touch agenda.  Montana Democrats are keeping Montana on track.  We value hard-work, good-paying jobs, fiscal responsibility, strong public education, and access to public lands.  We are the party of the people.

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