Congressman Steve Daines fails to face Montanans after disastrous votes in Washington

Claims he's “too busy” to talk to Montanans but refuses to disclose his public schedule – consistent with his low transparency rating

(Helena, MT) – There is still no sign of Congressman Steve Daines since his unfounded claims that he’s too busy to participate in a primary debate for his run for U.S. Senate.

The Congressman also refuses to disclose his public schedule and received the  lowest rating on transparency in Washington.

Daines told the Great Falls Tribune that he's "too busy" to debate, but has scarcely been seen in state. The Montana Democratic Party placed a missing person ad in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle asking for information on Daines’ whereabouts, but the search came up empty handed.

Unlike Senator Tester and Senator Walsh, who post their schedules online, Congressman Daines has chosen to avoid accountability and not to share that information with Montanans.

“With one of the worst records in Congress, it’s no surprise Congressman Daines is hiding. Montanans deserves to see the Congressman’s schedule and ask him why he has worked to privatize Medicare, sell off our public lands, take food away from hungry seniors and kids, and raise middle class taxes while giving millionaires like himself a tax break,” said Bryan Watt, spokesperson for the Montana Democratic Party. “If Congressman Daines is going to hide from voters and not take responsibility for his self-serving agenda, then he doesn’t deserve to represent Montana. It’s time that Congressman Daines start doing the people’s work and stop looking out for himself.”


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