Congressman Steve Daines Ducks Debate, Refuses to Answer Questions on His Record

Daines says he’s “too busy” to debate but holds few public events

(Helena, MT) – With less than one month until the primary election, Congressman Steve Daines continues to duck debating his U.S. Senate primary candidates to hide from his special interest agenda in Washington.

While Daines has hidden from his record, Senator John Walsh and the other Democratic Senate candidates participated in a primary debate to discuss their records and ideas for Montana’s future.

Daines told the Great Falls Tribune that he's "too busy" to debate, but has scarcely been seen in state over the past 2 months. The Congressman has failed to release his public schedule choosing to avoid being held accountable by Montanans.

During the two week Congressional recess in April, Senator Walsh held 12 public events across the state with seniors, veterans and students while Congressman Daines made fewer than five public appearances.

“Congressman Daines must know that Montanans are fed up with his special interest agenda. He continues to duck debating his primary opponents and dodges questions about his record in Washington,” said Bryan Watt, spokesperson for the Montana Democratic Party. “Congressman Daines is out of touch with Montanans. He fails to take responsibility for his actions and has put Washington’s special interests before Montana’s interests.”

Great Falls Tribune:
“We think the congressman could have squeezed a debate into his schedule, and he should have made attending an independent forum a higher priority.”

The Western Word:
“In closing, there really needs to be a primary debate between the Republicans running for U.S. Senate – and thanks to the Great Falls Tribune for attempting to schedule one. Shame on the Montana Republican Party for not demanding that their three candidates for U.S. Senate (Steve Daines, Champ Edmunds, and Susan Cundiff) debate.”

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