Congressman Hill Cancels Meeting with Montanans to Raise Money with Gov. Christie

Congressman Rick Hill today skipped his planned meeting with the League of Cities and Towns in Kalispell to raise money with Wall Street Lobbyist and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. 
“Instead of meeting with leaders from every corner of Montana, Congressman Hill chose to raise money with Chris Christie—the governor who presides over the 3rd worst economy in the nation,” said Chris Saeger, spokesman for the Montana Democratic Party.  “Montana is in healthy fiscal shape because we don't have an opportunist like Congressman Hill running our shop.”  

The Montana League of Cities and Towns is an incorporated, nonpartisan, nonprofit association of 129 Montana municipalities who meet once a year to discuss issues specific to local government.

"If Congressman Hill would rather raise money with out-of-state media darling than talk to Montana mayors, then he clearly wouldn't put Montana first as Governor," said Saeger.

Christie is also a long-time advocate for a sales tax—one similar to the sales tax Hill supports and lobbied on behalf of in the Gov. Marc Racicot administration.

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