Congressman Daines Uses Taxpayer Money to Mislead Montanans

Daines called out for unethical veterans photo-op

(Helena, MT) - Congressman Steve Daines was called out today by one of Montana's biggest newspapers for sending out a taxpayer-funded brochure that falsely depicted Daines working with the Montana Marine Corps League. 
As the Billings Gazette points out, a recent Daines mailer touted a meeting with Marine Corps veterans that in fact never happened. The Montana Marine Corps League has asked Congressman Daines to clarify that they did not endorse him. League members further insist that they were not “discussing veterans issues” as the mailer suggested, but instead were performing a color guard for an Honor Flight.
Daines’s dishonesty is made worse by the fact that he used taxpayer dollars to send his message. Daines insists that the mailer is run-of-the-mill, government-funded mail used to keep constituents up-to-date on the activities of their representatives.
However, his claim that this mail is not related to his Senate run doesn't hold up to scrutiny. Congressman Daines has increased his spending on taxpayer-funded mailings by over 2000% since he announced his campaign.
“Congressman Daines needs to come clean with Montanans. That means apologizing to the veterans he exploited and apologizing to Montanans for using taxpayer money to mislead voters about his record,” said Bryan Watt, spokesperson for the Montana Democratic Party. 

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