Congressman Daines Ducks Questions about…Everything

Daines fails to take responsibility for self-serving agenda in Washington

(Helena, MT) - It’s now clear why Congressman Steve Daines is too afraid to debate his primary opponents for U.S. Senate and has been hiding from Montanans: Daines is unable to answer basic questions about his voting record in Washington and his ideas for Montana’s future.

In a recent profile, Daines failed to answer questions about cutting the federal budget, his votes to privatize Medicare, and his ideas for quality, affordable healthcare.

“Yet while Daines is crystal-clear on his less-government, pro-business stance, he’s sometimes less forthcoming about how that stance translates to specific policies.

When asked by reporters to identify where he’d cut the federal budget, Daines demurs, saying that each government agency should identify priorities for cutting waste and come back to Congress for approval.

He won’t say exactly what he’d substitute for the Affordable Care Act, if, as he proposes, it’s repealed. Regarding Medicare, he says it may need reform, but it won’t change for current or soon-to-be senior citizens.”

--Billings Gazette

This isn’t the first time Daines has failed to answer questions about his self-serving record in Washington. During the two week Congressional recess, Daines made only a handful of public appearances.

Montanans are sounding off on Daines for failing to take responsibility for his record in Washington.

“The Montana Republicans candidates were invited to debate by the Great Falls Tribune; Rep. Daines declined to debate. Evidently Rep. Daines feels he’s entitled to a Senate seat. Especially since his public schedule now isn’t public.” – Billy McWilliams, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

“He consistently speaks from two sides of his mouth, telling Montanans what they want to hear — then voting the opposite.” – Swep Davis, Great Falls Tribune

“Montanans deserve a senator who has the courage to stand up for Montana and isn’t “too busy” putting politics before the people of Montana.” –Will Randall, Great Falls Tribune

“In closing, there really needs to be a primary debate between the Republicans running for U.S. Senate – and thanks to the Great Falls Tribune for attempting to schedule one. Shame on the Montana Republican Party for not demanding that their three candidates for U.S. Senate (Steve Daines, Champ Edmunds, and Susan Cundiff) debate.” – The Western Word

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