CRICKETS: Daines Dodges Challenge to Meet Walsh

(Helena, MT) –Steve Daines continues to dodge the truth, this time refusing to respond to a letter from Senator John Walsh inviting Daines to sit down and discuss Walsh’s 33-year military record -- which Daines has targeted in yet another onslaught of swiftboat attacks.
“I invite you to meet so that we can review together the aspects of my record you have questioned,” wrote Walsh. “Your ads reflect either a fundamental misunderstanding of military service and leadership, or are a deliberate effort to deceive voters.” 
Other Montanans are also coming forward demanding Daines take down his misleading ads.  Former Montana National Guard Sergeant Kelley Cogley Gallinger, who served under Walsh, called the ads “nothing more than a lie” saying “Montanans, and John Walsh, deserve better.”
Also this week, former U.S. Senator and wounded Vietnam Veteran Max Cleland, who was the target of similar attacks during his 2002 reelection, announced his support for Senator Walsh. Cleland said the attacks by Congressman Daines are “a page out of a shameful playbook and veterans everywhere deserve better.”

“Congressman Daines is using disgusting and misleading swiftboat attacks because he has to cover-up his record of putting himself and his millionaire friends before what is right for Montana,” said Andrea Marcoccio, Executive Director of the Montana Democratic Party. “Daines is afraid to sit down with Senator Walsh because he already knows the truth about the Senator’s distinguished service to Montana and our country.”

Daines previously praised Walsh’s military service and leadership of the Montana National Guard. 

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