Bad for Business: Daines Demanded Shutdown That Hurt Montana Small Businesses

Daines followed special interests & partisan politics to demand shutdown - a $45 million loss for Montana

(Helena, MT) – As Montana's small businesses prepare for the start of the summer tourism season, the impact of Congressman Steve Daines' disastrous federal shutdown is still being felt across the state.

Daines demanded and voted for the government shutdown, closing national parks that draw the visitors who support Montana's small businesses. In total, the Daines shutdown cost Montana’s economy $45 million in economic activity.

The Daines Shutdown had devastating effects on Montana tourism industry - a multi-billion dollar economy that supports families across the state. The shutdown cost Montana’s economy $1.6 million per day due to national park closures.

Just look at some of the headlines:

“Congressman Daines is bad for Montana's businesses, standing with Washington insiders to shut down the government and hurt our tourism economy, instead taking responsibility to solve the tough problems,” said Bryan Watt, spokesperson for the Montana Democratic Party. “While Congressman Daines says he supports small businesses, his voting record demonstrates he will always act in his best interests - not Montanans.”




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