BAD FOR BUSINESS: Steve Daines Targets Students and Job Training, Undermines Montana’s Economy

 Congressman would raise student loan interest rates, slash job training programs to give himself a tax break

(Helena, MT) –Montana’s small businesses and economy rely on a skilled and educated workforce, but that’s of little importance to Congressman Daines. Daines has voted for tax breaks for himself and corporations that ship jobs overseas rather than investing in the future of Montana’s economy.

Montana students graduate with an average of $27,000 in student loan debt yet Daines voted for a plan that would raise interest rates on student loans up to 8.5 percent leaving graduates with thousands of dollars in additional costs.

Daines’ budget would also leave 1,700 Montana college students without access to affordable student aid. Specifically, the budget guts Pell grants by $125 billion, taking $8.6 million in aid off the table for low-income college students in Montana.

The Daines Budget would also slash investments in workforce training programs that help small businesses recruit and retrain employees in our changing economy.

“Congressman Daines is your typical Washington politician – raising costs on students to give himself a tax break and hurting small businesses while helping corporations ship jobs overseas,” said Bryan Watt, spokesperson for the Montana Democratic Party. “Congressman Daines needs to rethink his self-serving agenda and start doing right by Montana students and small businesses.”

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