As he speaks to party faithful, will Rehberg explain support for Patriot Act, REAL ID?

Helena, Mont. -- Multimillionaire Congressman Dennis Rehberg will tell his party's convention tonight that the U.S. Senate race is about a "contrast of philosophies."  He's right.

During his 12 years in Congress, Rehberg has a record of supporting irresponsible, big-government policies like the Patriot Act, REAL ID, No Child Left Behind, and H.R. 1505--his controversial federal land grab bill.

Montana farmer Jon Tester has consistently opposed all of those policies.

Even Montana Republicans take issue with Rehberg's record of supporting policies that harm Montana's freedoms.  Last week, the six-term Congressman lost one out of four votes in his own primary election.

"After 12 years in Washington, Congressman Rehberg no longer believes he has a responsibility to protect the freedoms Montanans cherish," said Ted Dick, Executive Director of the Montana Democratic Party.  "From the Patriot Act to his own Homeland Security land grab, Congressman Rehberg has voted for bigger government and against Montana's freedoms time and time again.  Montanans simply can't trust a career politician like Dennis Rehberg with something as important as our personal freedoms."

Rehberg voted five times in support of the unpopular Patriot Act.  He also voted the national ID card, REAL ID, into law.  And he supported President George W. Bush's unpopular No Child Left Behind program to dictate big-city standards to Montana's rural schools [HR 418, Vote 31, 2/10/05; HR 1, Vote 497, 12/13/01].

Next week, The U.S. House of Representatives may debate Congressman Rehberg's controversial H.R. 1505, legislation that allows one government agency total control of public lands within the top 100 miles of Montana.  H.R. 1505 has been called "a federal land-grab at its worst" for allowing the government to make top-down decisions about land without public input.

Rehberg will have an opportunity to explain his failure to stand with Montana tomorrow in Big Sky, during his first debate with Tester and Libertarian candidate Dan Cox.  The candidates will hold their second debate in Whitefish on June 24.

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