As disaster hits Montana, Rehberg votes against emergency assistance and firefighters... again

Montana’s Millionaire Congresman Dennis Rehberg today voted against emergency disaster assistance as communities across Montana deal with disastrous flooding.
During a committee hearing today, Rehberg voted against a measure to restore resources for FEMA and for local firefighters.  Rehberg, who has been suing Billings firefighters for nearly a year, gutted funding for FEMA and firefighters earlier this year.
“Montanans expect their representatives to fight for us in Congress--not against us--as we deal with historic disasters across our state,” said Ted Dick, Executive Director of the Montana Democratic Party. “Dennis Rehberg's vote today is just the latest in his long line of attacks on Montana's emergency responders.  It’s time for Congressman Rehberg to stop following the orders of his party bosses and start making responsible decisions for Montana."

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