As Montana Holds First-Ever Equal Pay Summit, Congressman Daines Obstructs Pay Equity for Women

 In Montana, Women Make 67 Cents for Every Dollar Men Make – Still Daines Blocked Vote on Paycheck Fairness Act

(Helena, MT) – Montana will hold its first-ever equal pay summit today, but Congressman Steve Daines blocked a vote on paycheck fairness that would have given women more tools to fight wage discrimination. 

In Montana, women earn an average of 67 cents for every dollar made by men. Forty percent of married employed mothers in Montana are their families’ primary wage earners. Even when women are not the breadwinners for their family, they contribute an average of 43 percent to their family’s earnings. 

“The current economic data – that women make 67 cents less than every dollar made by men – isn’t a statistic you’d expect in the 21st century but wage discrimination continues to harm women and their families,” said Senator John Walsh, a powerful advocate of equal pay for women for equal work. “Pay equity is a civil right and the fight against employers who abuse it must be protected." 

The Paycheck Fairness Act would strengthen the protections of the Equal Pay Act to ensure that women and men who perform the same work receive equal pay. Congressman Daines voted against a measure that would have brought the Paycheck Fairness Act to the House for consideration. As Lieutenant Governor, Walsh worked with Governor Bullock to launch the Equal Pay Task Force.

Meanwhile, Congressman Daines has pledged to protect corporate tax cuts for companies that ship jobs overseas and also voted to cut taxes for millionaires. 

“This is typical Steve Daines. While Daines has voted for tax cuts for millionaires, he has put Montana families and women on the back burner. Congressman Daines needs to put Montana families ahead of his special interest cronies,” said Andrea Marcoccio, executive director of the Montana Democratic Party.

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