As Congressman Daines Claims to Be Too Busy to Debate, Montanans Ask “Where Is He?”

Missing Persons Ad Filed in Congressman’s Hometown Paper: California Native Last Seen Voting for Millionaire Tax Breaks in Washington 

(Helena, MT) – Montanans have taken out a missing persons ad for Congressman Steve Daines, who claims to be too busy to participate in the only Primary Election debate but has scarcely been seen in state.

The Montana Democratic Party placed the ad in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle, the Congressman’s adopted hometown paper, asking for any information about the missing public official who declined an invitation to participate in a Republican candidate debate. Congressman Daines refuses to post a calendar listing his meetings, and contrary to his campaign’s claims, holds very few public events – leading many to ask, “where is he?” 

The ad notes that the California native was last seen in Washington casting a vote that would hurt Montana seniors, students, veterans and middle class families while giving millionaires tax cuts

“Congressman Daines has worked to privatize Medicare, eliminate choice even in cases of rape and incest, take food away from hungry seniors and kids, and raise middle classes taxes while giving millionaires like himself a tax break – he might want to hide from that record but owes voters answers,” said Bryan Watt, spokesperson for the Montana Democratic Party. “It’s time for Congressman Daines to own up to decisions to put himself and his friends ahead of the Montanans he is supposed to represent.”


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